About us

About us

The company Optitec was founded out of the need to develop a unique product to guarantee privacy. Contemporary spaces, in which every one of us remains each day, are governed by their own laws – and our demands of them continue to grow.
Optitec film is a product that accommodates our customers’ expectations. The idea of intelligent foil is a fusion of top product quality and the guarantee of privacy and functional space.

A new dimension of privacy

Optitec film is a modern solution guaranteeing a broad range of design applications, both in commercial as well as private premises. LCD film is a technologically advanced product that changes its transparency under the influence of the applied voltage. This innovative solution from the area of smart home technologies, forms a part of modern space management. Without a doubt, it will prove itself as a component providing an interior with privacy and an individual design. This solution will also round off any training space, as it will prove itself wonderfully as a display screen. Optitec is innovative film that changes from transparent to milky/ matt using a simple remote control.

Cutting precision

We are the only ones in Poland to operate specialised equipment, thanks to which every cut can be performed more precisely, and every order – more quickly. Our workshop table utilises two super-sharp cutting knives powered by pneumatic guides. Our highly-qualified personnel is also an asset, as are our continuous tests of new products.

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